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We, at JP Infra, believe that building a home is not just about investing in property. Here we not only offer you various reasons to invest in property in Mumbai or why Mira Road is the best location for property investment in Mumbai right now, but also a list of innovative ways and unique quirks to transforming your house into a vibrant, lovely home.


Why Is Green The Best Colour Outside Your Home?

Every time you think of a city, you have to think green, green, green. Every time you see concrete jungle, you must find open spaces. And when you find open spaces, make it so people can get to them.

– Eduardo Paes

Living in an urban city like Mumbai, where there is rampant redevelopment happening in all direction, one has to realise that it is at the cost of our green spaces. Especially now, when a Metro is being built to connect the city, but deforestation is also at its prime.

Worldwide, whether it is New York, London or Sydney, gardens and even National Parks are an intrinsic part of the cityscape. These places encourage people to connect to Nature, indulge in family time and rejuvenate themselves. It becomes a way for community events, music performances and picnics to take place and bring people closer.

Adults require a significant amount of green dose in their everyday life. Not just for one, but for multiple reasons listed below.

• It is scientifically proven that simple things like walking barefoot on grass, hugging trees and taking forest ‘baths’ i.e walking through forests in silence can work wonders for one’s health.

• Spending time in gardens can reduce stress levels, blood pressure, depression, anxiety and help asthma afflicted people to breathe easy.  Having plants and trees around is a blessing for those with allergies, improves eyesight and visibly cools the air temperature.

• We are already aware that trees in the neighbourhood absorb carbon dioxide and pollutants, cut down noise levels, improve the quality of air that we breathe and release oxygen in the air. Each tree contributes to supporting and sustaining the eco-system, strengthening the earth with its strong root network. and ensuring our monsoon arrives on time and in abundance.

• They say, we are only caretakers of the planet for the next generation and it is our duty to not only look after it, but also to nurture it, so that our children and their children will live and flourish in good health.

• Having greenery around us is not an option, it is an essential ingredient for our physical, mental and emotional health. It is not a privilege of a few, but the right of all.

JP Infra is among the few real estate developers in the country that is consciously working towards ensuring green neighbourhood across their residential project in Mira Road– JP North.

For first time buyers as well as investors, who are keen on buying 1 or 2 BHK property in Mira Road and want ample greenery included in their residential project amenities, this is an excellent option, which will bring more than just financial returns in the future.

Young couples now prefer to purchase their own 1-bedroom home in upcoming suburban localities of this city, rather than stay on rent, and having lush gardens and abundant greens will improve their well-being and overall health. It will also be an ideal environment to raise their kids in.

If you’re looking to buy property in Mira Road, then fresh GREEN is the colour you want around it.


Let Children Connect With Nature

Ultimately, the only wealth that can sustain any community, economy or nation is derived from the photosynthetic process – green plants growing on regenerating soil ~ Allan Savory

We live in the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Everything from your phone to your laptop to your security systems are ‘smart’, but children are losing their natural instincts and playfulness.

Barely 20 to 25 years ago, were children spotted on playgrounds, climbing trees, getting muddy on the soil, playing board games, visiting libraries and nurturing friendships while learning the ups and downs in the classroom of Life.

In contrast, today even board games are played through apps, and if people are travelling, they’re busy clicking pictures to post on social media rather than actually experiencing something new. In the process, they do not realize that staring at screens for prolonged periods of time can actually numb the senses. Children are even more affected by this.

Innovator and educator Sonam Wangchuk believes that, if children from urban schools and the mountains were to be sent to the forest, city kids would lack even the basic survival tools and know-how, because they’re being spoon-fed and deprived of living with Nature.

Being exposed to natural surroundings benefits children in many ways, both mentally and physically.

• Being mostly indoors, in a sterile environment increases their risk of juvenile obesity, diabetes, sleep apnea as well as social and psychological issues. This is also the reason why the number of allergies in children has gone up in the recent years. Residential project in Mira Road – JP North – has ample of open green spaces for children to play all sorts of sports.

• Several independent studies have shown that when children as little as 2 or 3 years are introduced to plants, animals and are allowed to play with soil, they are exposed to thousands of different bacteria, germs, microbes, fungi. Their immune system is developed and strengthened. Scientists have discovered ‘Mycobacterium vaccae’, bacteria found in soil which has been shown to activate the neurons in our brains that produce serotonin, decreasing anxiety and depression.

• They also receive their dose of Vitamin D via natural resources, and their bones are fortified.

• Spending time in Nature enhances a child’s motor and cognitive skills, improves learning and gives them a positive attitude. Maze Garden in JP North can prove helpful for this.

•  Children exposed to Nature early on in life are known to be less prone to respiratory illnesses, allergies, vitamin deficiencies and Type 1 diabetes.

Children can manage without gadgets, but they will be helpless if they lack life skills.  And the best place to enjoy all this is in the neighbourhood garden or park. It is there that their all-rounded development takes place, which in turn makes them independent, self-sufficient and grounded adults in the future.

With themed gardens, lush tree-lined roads, outdoor spaces as well as play areas and libraries for children and adults, 1 and 2 bedroom homes in JP Infra’s residential project in Mira Road – JP North- are an ideal investment for more than just financial reasons. JP Infra has also invested in solar panels, rain water harvesting and waste management, as part of its eco-conscious approach.

Have you visited a JP Infra project to select your own 1 or 2 BHK home in Mira Road?


Sustainable Living For The Future

As per a recent World Bank Report, India will be unable to meet almost 50% of its water needs by 2030. That’s a probability which is only 12 years away. We have already seen the impact of drought-affected villages in the recent years.

Every day, the media provides us with update on the number of trees that are being cut. Scarce attention is being paid to the environmental price we and our future generations will be paying for this.

Can we afford to pay this price? Can our children afford to pay this price? Instead of being passive observers to what is happening around us, we can become actively involved and start engaging in sustainable living.

Sustainability is not just in trying to be eco-friendly superficially but is a way of consciously living life so as to reduce our damage to the environment, and in contributing to its revival.

6 ways to practice sustainable living:

1. Rainwater Harvesting:

Residential projects like JP North in Mira Road, hotels and communities have set up rainwater harvesting facilities that collect rainwater and redirect it for usage in toilets and cleaning.

2. Solar Power:

Being a nation that enjoys consistent sunlight throughout the year, by installing solar panels at JP North, we are trying to reduce the load on conventional electricity and bring down the pollutant emissions.

Similarly, we can also reduce the overall consumption of electricity by waking up earlier and doing much of our work using daylight.

3. Car Pooling:

Every litre of fuel consumed leads to two kilograms of carbon dioxide being released in the atmosphere. With the number of car sales going up every day, it is almost impossible to measure the levels of pollution we are responsible for.

By car-pooling with friends and neighbors, we can cut down our fuel expenses, and put a cap on the intensity of emissions.

4. Planting Trees:

A Chinese proverb says “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is today”. One does not need to go back to school to understand the value of a forest. Every tree sustains an entire eco-system, absorbs toxic gases and feeds so many life forms, while the roots strengthen the ground and help store water. Ensure that you and each of your family members plant at least one tree each year.

5. Refuse, Re-use, Re-cycle:

In your everyday life, ‘Refuse’ what you really don’t need, ‘Re-use’ what you can, and ‘Re-cycle’ anything that would otherwise just add to the garbage disposal and take years or even centuries to decompose.

6. Choosing where to live:

While buying a home, it’s always better to ensure that the project has some of the above-mentioned systems in-built. This also protects you by giving you guaranteed returns on your investment in the long term.

JP Infra is consciously taking the standards of residential projects to a new height by introducing sustainable living spaces like JP North, which offers an array of home configuration like 1 & 2 BHK homes in Mira Road. With well-planned landscape gardens, solar energy panels, ring wells and even sewage treatment plants installed, you can be assured of residing in a complex that has already been designed for sustainable living in the future.

As property rates soaring high in the neighborhood, JP North is an ideal place for you to buy your first home in Mira Road, which is now a rapidly flourishing suburb of Mumbai.

A home is forever – why not make a mindful choice while selecting your new home?


Why Are Young Couples Buying Their Own Homes?

It has been 70 years to our Independence. In 7 decades a lot has changed in society and in the traditional Indian family structure as well. Hence, one has to change if one has to evolve.

Until 30 years ago, joint families were the norm. But as the younger generations began to migrate to other cities or abroad, slowly nuclear families started becoming common. Earlier, if a son shifted out with his family, it was considered blasphemous and attributed to discord within family members.

Today, it is nothing out of the ordinary.

Why the trend?

Emotional Reasons:

Nowadays, unlike 3 decades ago, most wives are also working and contributing to the family income, alongside their husbands. The need for physical and emotional space is much more; especially as they only get quality time with each other on the weekends.

Secondly, instead of letting the parents feel burdened by the load of home chores while they go to work, they find it practical to stay within the same city, but on their own.

Additionally, the tolerance levels of the present generation are vastly different from their parents when they were newly married. Rather than create conflict while staying together, it is a better decision to keep some distance, and retain respect for each other

Financial Reasons:?

Young couples, nowadays, are financially better informed. By purchasing their own homes, they’re investing in an asset that can only appreciate over the years.

Some foresighted couples, with or without children, also invest in more than one home, in upcoming neighborhoods, which they then put out on rent and earn additional income.

Today real estate, especially in Mumbai, has been growing by leaps and bounds. Localities which were considered ‘too far’, or ‘not-so-sophisticated’, are being developed into beautifully planned neighborhoods which are more suited to the needs of young couples, and are already being counted as ‘upmarket’.

Property developer in Mira Road like JP Infra are consciously designing and executing such high-end projects, which can be bought on installment basis with similar budgets that one would have set aside for monthly rent. This becomes a far more viable option than paying rent, which is, after all, an investment with no returns.

More than anything, the security of living in your own home is unmatched.

Practical reasons:?

Commute between home, schools and the workplace being a prime factor in decision making, today’s couples are choosing to invest in homes which are in close proximity to educational as well as recreational facilities. JP North is one such Residential project in Mira Road which is seamlessly connected to every necessity of a modern day couple.

Having small children, many young parents nowadays put priority on selecting neighbourhood which are greener and have gardens, libraries, club-houses, music classes or art classes around. Much weightage is given to security within and outside the complex. Couples have the right to demand such facilities as almost every new project has multiple leisure activates right in the project. When it comes to residential project amenities, JP North offers a sea of them. There’s something for everyone. Themed gardens, Indoor and outdoor swimming pool, ample of open spaces for kids, a sports complex to take care of all your fitness needs, and also facilities to nurture the artist in you are all within the project.

Couples also prefer to buy homes where there is easy access to essential facilities, and at the same time is a young neighbourhood i.e has other families with a similar demographic.

While there are many reasons that couples may have in purchasing their own homes, there are equally good reasons to buy first home in Mira Road, that too in JP North.

Come over, and let us help you zoom in on your dream home.


How To Keep Your Kids Away From Mobile Phones / Gadgets?

Do you remember your childhood with fond memories? An innocent time of playing with friends, cycling in the garden, climbing trees, running, story-telling sessions, board games, and getting to know each other everyday on the playground?

Now, being a parent to a young child or children, do you feel you have offered them the same carefree childhood and freedom?

Many parents face this dilemma, while trying to create a balance between family and work. It is not uncommon for toddlers as little as 10 months to be exposed to television, or worse, LED screens and smartphones, by parents who feel they will learn something from these.

Sadly, today’s generation of children is growing up with gadgets and not greenery. They are so hypnotised by the screens of their smartphones, tablets, video games that they hardly know the pleasures of getting dirty on the playground, or the joys of being part of a team.

Between school, classes and gadgets we are depriving these bright minds of their right to a happy childhood. When they grow up and look back, they will not have the same vivid memories as you have of your wonder years.

It is a well-known fact worldwide, that the founders of the most prominent software companies have not allowed their children to use gadgets created by their own companies until they’re much older. Several independent studies show that the more time children spend with gadgets, the lesser their all-rounded development. The radiation emitted by smartphones is a proven health hazard. Overuse of gadgets not only strains their eyes, but also slows down their thinking, hampers their emotional growth and affects their IQ. The closer they are to nature, the healthier they will be, and will be better equipped to handle life’s challenges.

But, what if you had a chance to give your children the same simple joys, rather than have them addicted to gadgets and screens all the time? What if, despite living in the hustle and bustle of Mumbai city, you could still raise them in an environment of greenery and play through your residential project amenities?

The team of JP North decided to make children and childhood a priority while designing, and can proudly say, that this is definitely a place that will create delightful times for your little ones, as they’re growing up!

Multiple garden spaces, with theme gardens like the Butterfly garden, Zen garden, Maze Garden, Fruits, Flowers & Spices Garden and the Astrological Garden, among others, will allow kids of all ages to experience nature in all its radiance. The well-stocked library is a perfect place to light up their imagination and inspire them. After all, they say – “A child who reads, will be an adult who thinks”.

There are indoor play facilities and game rooms, as well as an indoor sports complex that will ensure fun even on rainy days, while the art studios will nurture creative young souls. A clubhouse for everyone to gather and build friendships, has also been included in JP North.

We also understand that, as parents, the primary concern is the safety of their children. Built like a mini township, the entire neighbourhood is secured with CCTVs and round-the-clock security.

We have taken every effort to create a place where children will forget their gadgets, and be enthusiastically involved in all kinds of extra-curricular activities that will develop their minds, bodies and souls.

Step into JP North, and experience the fulfilment of living a wholesome life, while providing your family all that you always dreamed of.


The Future Of Real Estate Investment Is Mira Road

Today, Mumbai is one of the costliest places to live in. With rising prices, a home here is no less than a lifetime’s investment for a common man. If you are one of those still looking for fruitful options to make this investment in real estate, then Mira Road has emerged as a popular destination to put an end to your search.

In recent years, Mira Road real estate has emerged as one of the most viable destinations for investment.It is evolving in several ways i.e. good infrastructure, better connectivity and more budget friendly homes, thus raising the bar of the real estate sector.

Several technically well-developed infrastructure projects have come up already, while others are queued for development viz. Redevelopment of water drainage systems, widening of other roads in the locality, implementation of new fire stations and more. A new sewage treatment plant has already been installed.


The main reason leveraging the demand for Mira Road property is its excellent connectivity to different parts of Mumbai, especially since it is a locality that extends from Mira-Bhayander all the way, up to Ghodbunder Road in Thane.

Getting to any other suburb of Mumbai is now possible, due to a highly developed network with many roads, highways, flyovers and transport services from here. Part of the existing BRTS (Bus Rapid Transit System), i.e. Mahim-Mira Road bus passageway is now functional. Many other bus services are available regularly for public transport. Mira Road is also accessible to the WEH (Western Express Highway) that connects it to various employment destinations like SEEPZ, Bandra-Kurla Complex (BKC) and Lower Parel. Connectivity to Navi Mumbai and Thane is provided via Ghodbunder Road.

Two primary roads connected with the locality are Station road and Mira – Bhayander Link Road. Besides, the road connectivity, Mira Road is also linked with western railway line of Mumbai. Plan for the four-lane Road that will connect Mira Road to Bhayander and Gorai is also already under way. A proposal for the metro rail from Dahisar to Mira Road has added to the increasing demand of Mira Road’s residential sector.

Entertainment Hub:

Mira Road is also a hub for quite a few entertainment malls, schools and colleges, nursing homes and health care centers, thus attracting the investors to live a more affluent lifestyle by residing in Mira Road real estate This includes, Niranjanlal Dalmia High School, Sardar Vallabhbahi Patel Vidyalaya, Bhakti Vedanta Hospital, Sidhivinayak Hospital and more. Vardhaman Fantasy on Mira-Bhayander road is one of the famous recreational hubs for residents of Mira-road.

Value Appreciation:

Since 2014, the property rates in Mira Road have escalated between 20-25%, and are still expected to rise further due to the availability of reasonable properties and its growing market values.

Developments in terms of real estate in Mira Road and Bhayandar are in full swing. Prices in the adjacent Borivili and Kandivili areas are 35-50% higher than at Mira Road. With an improvement in infrastructure in and around Mira Road, prices here will definitely see a strong appreciation in the long run.

Out of the investment options in Mira Road, families who have bought homes in JP Infra’s ongoing project JP North have already received a high value appreciation after the price hike. For someone planning to invest in a property at pocket friendly rates, coupled with exceptional amenities, JP North is the perfect option.