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We, at JP Infra, believe that building a home is not just about investing in property. Here we not only offer you various reasons to invest in property in Mumbai or why Mira Road is the best location for property investment in Mumbai right now, but also a list of innovative ways and unique quirks to transforming your house into a vibrant, lovely home.

Sustainable Living For The Future

As per a recent World Bank Report, India will be unable to meet almost 50% of its water needs by 2030. That’s a probability which is only 12 years away. We have already seen the impact of drought-affected villages in the recent years.

Every day, the media provides us with update on the number of trees that are being cut. Scarce attention is being paid to the environmental price we and our future generations will be paying for this.

Can we afford to pay this price? Can our children afford to pay this price? Instead of being passive observers to what is happening around us, we can become actively involved and start engaging in sustainable living.

Sustainability is not just in trying to be eco-friendly superficially but is a way of consciously living life so as to reduce our damage to the environment, and in contributing to its revival.

6 ways to practice sustainable living:

1. Rainwater Harvesting:

Residential projects like JP North in Mira Road, hotels and communities have set up rainwater harvesting facilities that collect rainwater and redirect it for usage in toilets and cleaning.

2. Solar Power:

Being a nation that enjoys consistent sunlight throughout the year, by installing solar panels at JP North, we are trying to reduce the load on conventional electricity and bring down the pollutant emissions.

Similarly, we can also reduce the overall consumption of electricity by waking up earlier and doing much of our work using daylight.

3. Car Pooling:

Every litre of fuel consumed leads to two kilograms of carbon dioxide being released in the atmosphere. With the number of car sales going up every day, it is almost impossible to measure the levels of pollution we are responsible for.

By car-pooling with friends and neighbors, we can cut down our fuel expenses, and put a cap on the intensity of emissions.

4. Planting Trees:

A Chinese proverb says “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is today”. One does not need to go back to school to understand the value of a forest. Every tree sustains an entire eco-system, absorbs toxic gases and feeds so many life forms, while the roots strengthen the ground and help store water. Ensure that you and each of your family members plant at least one tree each year.

5. Refuse, Re-use, Re-cycle:

In your everyday life, ‘Refuse’ what you really don’t need, ‘Re-use’ what you can, and ‘Re-cycle’ anything that would otherwise just add to the garbage disposal and take years or even centuries to decompose.

6. Choosing where to live:

While buying a home, it’s always better to ensure that the project has some of the above-mentioned systems in-built. This also protects you by giving you guaranteed returns on your investment in the long term.

JP Infra is consciously taking the standards of residential projects to a new height by introducing sustainable living spaces like JP North, which offers an array of home configuration like 1 & 2 BHK homes in Mira Road. With well-planned landscape gardens, solar energy panels, ring wells and even sewage treatment plants installed, you can be assured of residing in a complex that has already been designed for sustainable living in the future.

As property rates soaring high in the neighborhood, JP North is an ideal place for you to buy your first home in Mira Road, which is now a rapidly flourishing suburb of Mumbai.

A home is forever – why not make a mindful choice while selecting your new home?