Delivering Value

Residents and Tenants - JP Infra


We’re committed to delivering value to our residents and tenants. We do this by building developments which:

  • Are completed in a timely fashion with guaranteed possession and handing over of projects.
  • Are of superior quality.
  • Increase in value.
  • Deliver more than a home in the form of community amenities such as clubs and amphitheatres.
  • Attract high footfall.
  • Include top-quality facilities and amenities.
  • Feature meticulous planning and superlative designs
Investors and Partners - JP Infra


We’re equally focussed on delivering value to our investors and partners. We demonstrate this through our:

  • History of early sales after the initial launch of a development.
  • High percentage of pre-sales
  • Track record as developers with the skills and expertise to find and secure sites, design attractive solutions, gain necessary approvals and deliver finished products.
  • Agility and ability to take advantage of development opportunities.
  • Liquidity - we’re not dependent on property sales to complete and deliver projects.